Through innovation, top quality products and professionalism, Caribbean Sunlife Specialties Corp., solves roof problems for major manufacturing and commercial facilities, internationally.


We specialize in High Wind Roof Design and Retrofit Installations. With multiple Patented and Patent Pending processes, we are at the leading edge of windstorm roof compliance for existing structures.


With the highest ASTM rated, Factory Mutual approved elastomeric roof products, we concentrate on:

• Retrofits

• Major Repairs

• Complete Roof Installations at electronics fabrication, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other critical use facilities (References).


Caribbean Sunlife has extensive installation experience in harsh tropical climates, with an excellent performance record over virtually all types of existing substrates. The installation of the Sunlife Roofing System:

Eliminates leaks

Reduces surface and interior temperatures

No routine maintenance of the roof system required


After your evaluation of the Product & Service information on this site, we would be pleased to discuss your objectives, and perform a thorough on-site inspection prior to submitting a detailed proposal.


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