Caribbean Sunlife Specialties Corp., solves roof problems for major manufacturing facilities, internationally. We specialize in roof repairs and complete re-roof installations on facilities for electronics fabrication, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and others (References). We use the highest ASTM rated, Factory Mutual approved elastomeric roofing compound, and Johns Manville products. Caribbean Sunlife has extensive installation experience in harsh tropical climates, with an excellent performance record over virtually all types of existing substrates.


Installation of the Sunlife Roofing System eliminates leaks, reduces surface and interior temperatures, and protects the existing deck from salt spray and chemical pollutants, with no routine maintenance of the roof system required. After your evaluation of the product information on this site, we would be pleased to discuss your objectives, and perform a thorough on-site inspection prior to submitting a detailed proposal.





The Sunlife Roofing System has Factory Mutual Approval, and the highest comprehensive rating for elastomeric acrylic roof coatings, ASTM D-6083. The base ingredient of Sunlife Roofing Compound is 100% acrylic. The molecular bond of acrylic is UVresistant; this along with high quality Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide work to achieve our two most important results: long-term flexibility, and long-term strength (Technical Data). All of our completed installations are 100% leak-free, but most importantly, they remain leak-free 15 years later. The Sunlife Roofing System affords us this opportunity. The Systemís twenty-five year history has proven its effectiveness over nearly every existing roof surface, particularly in very difficult tropical climate applications.





Originally from California, the management team has extensive domestic and international experience. While working with other experienced managers and technicians, we established a base in the Caribbean region. From our corporate offices in Puerto Rico we serve numerous global pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturers, coordinating logistics and some other aspects of our major international projects (References).

Caribbean Sunlife is able to structure and locate its project management and administration in a way that best suits your requirements, and the demands of any particular location. We understand that customers have other projects to manage, and personnel to accommodate. Our management style combines the seriousness and professionalism required by major corporations, while maintaining adaptability and focus. In this way, we perform our work self-sufficiently to achieve your objectives and meet time constraints.

If your initial evaluation determines that our products and methods may be appropriate for your roofing needs, please contact us for additional information to consider in your next phase of analysis.



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