Consultation, Design, Testing & Turn Key Installation Services


Utilizing vast expertise securing the roofs of industrial and commercial facilities insured by FM Global in hurricane prone Puerto Rico, we provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Baseline Testing and Evaluation
  • Project Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Specialty Fastening Systems
  • Complete Turn Key Projects
  • Final Testing and Approvals

To fulfill your Windstorm Roof Design requirements we specialize in Retrofit Roof Systems due to the following advantages over other alternatives:

  • Cost to Value Ratio
  • Flexibility in Engineering and Design to convert your existing conditions to uplift ratings from FM 1-120 to FM 1-900
  • Sustainability Attributes
  • Environmentally Responsible Attributes

All of our Roof Securement Enhancement installations have exceeded the FM Global Negative Pressure Field Test requirements on the first test. At the installed design requirements ranging from FM 1-165 to FM 1-406, and with the required safety factor (actual field testing) of 1.5 (150% of stated recommendation rating)…. these are proven results.

With millions of square feet installed to date, we are skillful and professional at what we do, and welcome your inquiries regarding your facilities roof requirements.


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