Minimally Invasive Structural Deck Fastening Enhancement Methods for Existing Metal Deck (while existing roof system remains)

Patented System allows us to install the correct concentration of roof fasteners to meet your wind uplift requirements without requiring roof tear-off or underside access, as was the only option previously. 

The finished product is deck fastening as if it had been installed during the original construction.

The installation is flexible as to your particular wind uplift requirements:

  • the entire roof deck (Field, Perimeter, and Corners)
  • any individual areas of high or unacceptable risk of roof loss

We have adjusted the fastener concentrations and layout to as low as a single additional fastener every 3 lineal feet along the support, to as concentrated as 2 fasteners every 6 inches (known as Double Stitching).  All of this is accomplished with minimal effect on the existing roof system.

We are able to accomplish this with:

  • little or no access to the underside of the deck.
  • all viable deck support units: Joists, I-beams, C-channel, Z-bar, as well as concrete beams.

If broader surface contact area is designed into the fastening system (Standard grip surface is .42 inches), we are able to increase that in the installation, while still using an FM Global approved fastener.

Normally, the original roof warranty can remain intact.  If not, we have a method to replace (and even extend) your warranty.

Precast Concrete Roof Panels


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