Minimally Invasive, Structural Deck Fastening Enhancement for Precast Concrete Roof Panels (when exposed, or with existing roof system cover to remain)

Our Patent Pending System (Notice of Allowance received) allows us to install correctly engineered roof deck securement to meet your wind uplift requirements without requiring roof tear-off or underside fastening. 

The installation is flexible as to your particular up-lift requirements; the entire roof deck (Field, Perimeters and Corners) or any specific high risk areas, or sections thereof. 

All is accomplished with:

  • minimal effect on the existing roof system.
  • little or no access to the underside of the deck.

We are able to adjust the design to conform to the multiple styles of precast concrete panels produced.

We are able to affect this with all viable deck support units: Joists & I-beams, as well as concrete beams.

Normally the original roof warranty can remain intact, if not we have a method to assume and even extend warranty.

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