Windstorm Roof Fastening Systems Specialty


The Windstorm Roof Uplift requirements of FM Global coupled with existing roof conditions and additional requirements of the facility owners obliged us to develop special methods to comply.

The outcome of that challenge is the development of multiple non-invasive, roof securement enhancement systems for existing structures.

We are proud to announce that we have received a U.S. Patent, and a “Notice of Allowance”, with another application “Patend Pending” for our respective processes.


These systems are devised to further enhance the deck fastening of the original structure for:

Both systems are non-invasive:

  • Minimal impact on the existing roof system.
  • Minimal or no impact to interior (production) activities.

We are able to offer these services as either a stand-alone (fastening only) service, or in conjunction with a complete roof design and build. We are able to engineer the fastener concentrations to your specific requirements.


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